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Road Trip Goodies

Travel Snacks

Are you planning family road trips this summer? If you’re anything like me, I can’t leave home without “travel snacks.” It may require a bit of planning and possibly a small cooler, but it can make the trip more enjoyable for you and the family. You might be thinking vacations are about getting away from everything including the usual eating regimen. My goal is for you to have a combination of both fun and healthy food to eat as the miles pass by. It can be a challenge to find choices everyone will like, so we’ll explore a variety of options.

Kid Friendly Treat

Let’s start with a kid friendly travel trail mix. Any type of nut will do, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, pretzels and wait for it, chocolate chips or M&M’s®.  It can be created with or without nuts depending on any food allergies in your family. Substitute the nuts with pumpkin seeds, mini dehydrated marshmallows, or the family favorite dry breakfast cereal.

Fruit and Veggie Ideas

There is always room in the car for fruits and vegetables. Freeze grapes in advance to eat on the first day of your trip. Make your own fruit roll ups with this recipe. Cut up celery and carrot stick and bring a jar of peanut butter for dipping. Create colorful fruit kabobs your kids will have fun with and enjoy eating too. Who knows, you might drive through a small town and find a produce stand with fabulous fresh peaches.

What would summer be without some of our favorite salty snacks? I love pretzels and there are so many great brands and a variety of flavor profiles. Popcorn is a crowd pleaser and it’s full of nutritional value. Beef jerky and string cheese provide protein for the long drive. Of course, don’t forget to hydrate. Bring along those large refillable bottles and plenty of lemons and limes to infuse more taste. Finally, plan your vacation splurge and pack homemade Rice Krispies® treats, cookies or your favorite brand of chocolate. In the end, a little balance and moderation can be helpful on the way to your final destination.


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