Spinach pasta with basil and feta.

Who´s Hungry?

Fresh. Savory. Creative.

That’s FSC.

Sliced apples.
A chef adding a sauce drizzle to a salad.
Cucumber slices.
Smoked salmon with cucumbers on toast.
Sliced lemon and citrus leaves.
Baked fish and chips.

Some of life’s most precious moments are made around a plate. At FSC, it’s our pleasure to put something delicious on it. We are St. Louis’ foodservice company, here to serve with food you’ll love and events you’ll remember. Let’s dig in.

“The service has remained outstanding.”

Food Service Consultants has been faithfully serving the children attending our Catholic schools here in St. Louis for over 35+ years. During this time they have remained flexible in order to meet the ever changing needs of our schools. Offering a quality foodservice program that is both tasty and nourishing, and at a reasonable price, is so important to the children and families we serve. The service from Food Service Consultants has remained outstanding over the years, and we consider them as part of the community at each and every school they serve. They are always available to help, and we are very grateful for the special relationship that we enjoy. We look forward to working with them in the future. Superintendent of Catholic Education, Archdiocese of St. Louis

Todd R Sweda, Ed.D. Senior Director

Dr. Maureen DePriest, Co-Director

Fried egg on toast, artfully presented.
Raw flavoring sources (berries, seeds, garlic clove, etc.).
A gourmet meal plated at the table.

Food + Service

It’s what we do — and it’s what we love. For more than 37 years, FSC has helped our clients rediscover the value of good food served well. We take tremendous pride in creating memorable experiences for people from all walks of life.

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