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Coach’s Training Table

Coach’s Training Table

What is a training table? It’s a performance-based table or section designed to provide special meals to support athletes’ nutritional needs. Coach’s tables have been around for years in both professional and collegiate sports. As competitiveness in high school sports grows, so does the interest in these services. In April 2023 Food Service Consultants (FSC) implemented the coach’s training table at Desmet Jesuit High School. The goal is to provide both performance-based foods and education that can positively impact overall health for both student athletes and non-athletes. It is well received by students and this school year FSC has expanded the concept to Saint Louis University High School (SLUH).

Performance Plate Components

Whole grains – fuel muscles while being the fastest source of energy, such as 100% whole grain bread, tortillas, beans, potatoes, and whole grain cereals.

Lean protein – muscle building/recovery foods including grilled/baked/roasted or broiled poultry and fish. Eggs and low-fat cheese also make the list.

Fruits and vegetables – antioxidant rich foods like berries, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, carrots and more.

Fat/immunity boosting – salmon, tuna, nuts, avocadoes, and seeds.

Fluids – promote hydration with water, low fat milk, almond, soy, or oat milk.

Keep in mind that caloric needs vary during season and off-season training as well as light training days versus heavy training days. For example, during heavy training half of the performance plate would consist of whole grain energy producing foods while during light training, this is reduced to one quarter of the plate. Properly fueling can provide an edge over athletes who don’t focus on nutrition.

FSC Training Table Menus

Desmet is offering pasta, seasoned chicken (BBQ, Italian, chipotle, jerk), power greens, fresh vegetables, grains, beans, bulgogi and salmon. SLUH is featuring grilled poultry, shrimp, a variety of roasted vegetables, grains and pasta. FSC continues its’ commitment to quality food and supporting the nutritional needs of both athletes and non-athletes.

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