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Summer Family Fitness

St. Louis Summertime Activities

Summertime comes quickly in St. Louis. It means school is out, children are looking for something to do as well as vacation time for many. If going out of town isn’t an option, then look no farther than St. Louis and surrounding areas for a variety of fun summer activities. Like my spring blog, the goal is to be more active while having fun at the same time. I hope these suggestions inspire you, because I can’t get enough of Forest Park and the Katy trail.

Forest Park

Did you know our city’s own Forest Park is considered one of the nations’ greatest urban public parks? It totals 1300 acres with two beautiful separate trails, lakes, streams, a golf course, and endless opportunities for recreation. It’s the perfect place for both leisurely and intense exercise, culture, festivals and more.

Katy Trail State Park

One of Missouri’s gems, is built on the corridor of the former Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) railroad, better known as the Katy. One of the longest rails to rail trails in the country. The trail goes through some of the most scenic areas of MO. It’s ideal for walking, running, cycling, hiking, and camping. Start your journey in St. Charles and along the way stay in quaint bed and breakfasts after your long day of activity.

Upper Limits Indoor Rock-Climbing Gyms

I had no idea rock climbing was even a possibility in St. Louis. There are three locations in Chesterfield, Maryland Heights, and downtown St. Louis. Rock climbing builds the body’s strength over time, increasing muscle tone and flexibility. Besides being a great work out, it’s a fun recreational activity for everyone.

Pickle Ball

St. Louis Pickleball is a website for everything pickleball in the St. Louis, MO area. Pickleball is super popular everywhere these days and it’s growing quickly in St. Louis. It’s a social game providing fitness and fun for all ages and abilities. Check out this website to find a location near you and upcoming events.

Bring on the Fun!

The days are longer, and the forecast is brighter. Get out your calendar and start scheduling these local activities. They’re so much fun, it’s really exercise in disguise. Happy summer!!

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